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Payroll Service

Our Payroll Services include:
Payroll Processing
We will process your Singapore payroll by accurately calculating salaries of your staff on a monthly or weekly basis. The entire process includes salary credits, production of pay-slips and credits into CPF / MPF accounts of your employees.
Tracking Salary Increments
We will update the information related to salary increments of your employees. We will also adjust the differences occurred due to salary increase.
Allowances and Deductions Management
We will maintain and manage allowances, deductions, arrears, savings, and loans for your employees.
Employee Information Tracking and Maintenance
We will assist in tracking and maintaining data and movements of your employees.
Calculating Variables

We will help in calculating monthly overtime, shift hours and commissions payable to your employees.
Reports Preparation
We prepare customized reports for general ledger maintenance. We also assist in preparing monthly payroll reports and Central
Provident Fund (CPF) reports.
We also perform special bonus runs and prepare tax forms, wherever applicable, for IRAS submission.